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E-Commerce Development


An online shop to gain additional exposure for your products and maximise the potential of your business.

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E-Commerce Development

Start selling your products online, in no time.

We create high quality, customized eCommerce websites, easy to manage and organize.

Taking advantage of the most popular systems on the market – Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce – we offer the ideal solution to take your business online for the first time, remodel your current system or integrate eCommerce software into your existing website.

Integrating an eCommerce solution in your website means you can manage the entire process through your site, from advertising your products to taking payment and organising delivery.

We help the retailer to sell products online – home-based businesses that sell home-made products – restaurants, bars and shops that want to take their orders online.

online shop development

online shop the complete solution

We consider every last detail to guide your choice of the right settings for your products, prices and shipping.

Wether you are looking for a simple system to sell a handful of products, or a capable system to sell hundreds, our eCommerce solution implements:

Products set-up - add your products, incorporate description, pictures and product variations (e.g. different T-shirts sizes or colours)

Set prices - set regular or sales prices, handle promotions and product bundles

Shipping rates - set shipping rates based on geographical area, weight, dimensions, shipping class or a combination

Inventory management - track how many of each item you have for sale and limit number of items purchased at once, allow or disallow backorders

Integrate dropshipping - assign products to individual suppliers, notify them of orders, manage shipping rates and track the order fulfilment

Up-sells and Cross-sells - suggest upgrades and related products, based on what item the user is viewing or what products are in the shopping-cart

Choice of payment systems - support for many payment systems (Debit Card, BACS, Amazon Pay, Paypal, Google Wallet), convert foreign currencies and set tax rates

e-commerce content management

E-commerce Content Management

Our system makes it simple for you to modify, add or remove products without requiring particular technical skills. You won't have to navigate through any code, everything is managed via control panel.

Nevertheless, our services include content management. We can update your products, manage settings and carry out periodic maintenance for you.

Any software and Plugin should always be up to date, this is especially the case with eCommerce solutions, since they deal with payment systems and private details.