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Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing

Pay-Per-Click campaigns for an almost immediate impact on your website traffic and customer enquiries.

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search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a process aimed at increasing traffic and visibility of your products and services trough paid advertising.

Its effectiveness is closely related to its scalability, Pay Per Click (PPC) means exactly that you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

Conversions are easily tracked to measure how effective the ad is.

We devise a bespoke plan tailored to the specific characteristics of your website, set the geographical reach and set a realistic and fully controllable budget.

You only spend as much as you are prepared to spend.

ad campaign management

Ad Campaign Management

With Google dominating the search engine market in the UK , Google Adwords is often the most sensible platform to start from.

When set up and managed properly, Google Adwords can be an extremely cost effective way of attracting visitors to your website, and can achieve results almost instantly. Clicks can cost less than a pound each, depending on the type of industry and the scale of competition.

It is relatively easy to set up a Google Adwords campaign, but getting the best results does take time, knowledge and close monitoring of the results to fine-tune the strategy.

advertising with google adwords

Benefits of Advertising with Google Adwords

Show your ad only the people that are searching for what you offer - your ad is displayed only when it matches search terms that are relevant

Target a specific geographical area - you can decide to show your ad to residents of a specific city or town, choose a radius around it or go nationwide

Reap the results within hours - once the campaign goes live, you can see almost instant results, generating leads and calls

Pay only for genuine interactions - your payment is triggered only when someone clicks your ad

Complete control over the budget - decide upfront how much money you are willing to invest - you control how much you pay each day – if you only want to spend £5 a day you can

Improvements and changes are instant - we can easily measure which ads and keywords work better and quickly adapt by improving your campaign in real time

adwords management

Adwords Management Process

Once we discuss and identify the services or products on which the campaign will be based, we follow a series of guidelines.

Analyse the competitors - research the strategies employed by your direct competitors, look for potential untapped opportunities they may not have considered

Research keywords - establish which search terms are relevant to your products or services, judge how successful and cost-effective they might be

Establish a budget, set geographical area and type of ad - set a reasonable budget to guarantee increasing returns, identify the geographical area your ads will cover, determine what type of ad will reap the most benefits.

Ads can be shown on related Google products such as Youtube videos, appear only on mobile devices only or be shown on specific times of the day

Create targeted Ad groups - rather than having one single ad covering the whole of your services or products, we generally create Ad groups, each associated to a different sets of keywords. This allows for bespoke wording and links related to the keywords searched

Set up Google Analytics - link your pages to Google Analytics, providing an extensive breakdown of the number of visits, the source of these visits and general visitor behaviour. We can track conversions to establish the effectiveness of ads, set goals and track sales revenue

Test ads and keywords - monitor the performance of individual ads, fine-tuning the wording if needed. Monitor the frequency a specific keyword search triggers your ads and the conversion rate for each. Remove underperforming keywords and add new ones

Create Reports - generate reports showing you the overall performance of the campaign, which keywords, products and services prove more popular. Data can be observed in a great level of detail to improve the strategy

google adwords cost

How much Does It Cost

We don’t bundle the cost of clicks with our management fee.

We took the decision to keep the two separate so that the real cost of the advertising campaign is in plain sight.
Instead, we charge our management fee to you directly and you pay the ads cost to Google.

We ask for a one-off set up cost, depending on the size of your campaign. This cost includes monthly or weekly reports on the performance and hands on, active management (this means we observe the results, discuss them with you and tweak the strategy until it is just right).

Google offers a voucher worth £75 of free ads when we start the campaign, give it a try!