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Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Enhance your website’s search engine popularity and increase its visibility in search results.

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search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to a number techniques that help websites rank higher in organic search results.

The goal is to increase your website's visibility to people looking for your business, service or product on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO for Local business

SEO specific for Local business

Certain types of businesses or organizations such as a local tradesman, restaurant or shop will be more successful by targeting residents of a defined geographical area.
People looking for your services on a search engine, will very likely associate your trade with a specific place, e.g. “Computer repair in York”.

  • Make sure your address is present and prominent on your website, add meta-tags and a map if necessary
  • Implement structured data markup in your website's code
  • Add language and geo-location meta-tags
  • Search the web for your details (name, address, phone number etc.) and update them if needed. You may have already been listed in certain online directories and subsequently by search engines. The informations they have about you may be incorrect, especially if you have relocated in the past
  • Submit your website to search engines databases, location services such as Google, Bing and Apple maps, relevant business directories, Google my business, Yelp, Tripadvisor
  • on page seo

    On Page SEO

    Some of the optimization consists of fine-tuning your website, its code, keywords and behaviour.
    On page SEO focuses on the content of each page and the way their content is conveyed to search engines.
    When done correctly it allows Google to show your pages more often in their search results, driving more traffic to your website.

  • Analyse keywords on your pages to highlight what is more relevant to your business, your products or services. Compare your website with direct competitors, trying to find a gap of untapped potential.
  • Optimise every page with a specific keyword or key sentence. This is achieved trough restructuring the way pages are linked, modifying part of the copy if necessary, implementing or adjusting 301 redirects for old pages or pages with redundant links, optimization of meta tags, headers, meta descriptions and image tags.
  • Implement structured data markup in your website's code
  • Create an XML sitemap for your website and submit it to search engines
  • Optimize and improve the load speed of your pages
  • Test and expand the mobile responsiveness of your website, being mobile-friendly is an essential prerequisite for good search engine ranking
  • off page seo

    Off Page SEO

    Particular attention has to be paid at how your website is indexed and referred to on the web.
    Being linked by other reputable websites or directories such as can be a great boost.

  • Build quality links to your website, submit it to appropriate, sector specific directories
  • Register on the major geo-localization services such as Google maps
  • Social Bookmarking, introduce your content in communities or forums related to your business/service
  • Integrate social media in your website - linking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ pages back to your pages to attract visits, mentions, likes and increase exposure