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Social Media Integration

social media integration

Integrate the right platforms into your online presence. Connect your website with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

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social media integration

Social Media Integration

Social media is a great tool for businesses to connect with potential and existing customers and will also improve your website’s SEO. It can be key in establishing your online presence and form relationships.

Posting original interesting content, helpful information, pictures and videos on social media platforms invites interactions and spreads the word about your business.
You can keep your audience up to date on company events, trade shows, new products or promotions.

Overall, the goal of social media presence is to create interactions and develop relationships with your existing clients, and convert new audiences into customers.

social media platforms

We get you started

Advise on the choice of social media platforms - different platforms serve different purposes and can cater for specific demographics. We help you decide which ones make the most sense for your content, where your potential clients can be found and engaged more easily

Create profiles - set up profiles on social media platforms, harmonize the look and graphics with your website or with your existing corporate identity design

Link your website with social media - integrate like buttons and share buttons into your website and - likewise - direct users from social media pages to your website

social network

Which social networks to join

Facebook - is the most popular amongst the platforms, many users use Facebook as a replacement for search engines when looking for businesses or services. Useful to get discovered and expand your reach

Twitter - encourages direct and informal 1 to 1 contact. Great for answering questions and make announcements

Google+ - offers the most value in terms of SEO. You can introduce yourself to groups of people and businesses that share your interests or industry

LinkedIn - mostly intended for business to business, it helps showcasing your experience, link you with people from the same industry, get introduced to new people and businesses

Yelp, Foursquare, Tripadvisor - based on user generated reviews, puts your business on the map. Customers can recommend your business to others and leave comments on their experience