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Web Design

web design

Professional website design that is Search Engine and Mobile friendly, created with user experience in mind.

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modern web design


We design professional, cost-effective websites for businesses or individuals - built to your specifications, optimized with our experience.

Created using modern web design practices and technologies, our sites are optimized for desktop computers, tablet and mobile devices.

flexible website


We can create your website from the ground up , writing our own code to make it as bespoke as you desire, or rely on a popular Content Management System (CMS), such as Wordpress.

Creating a custom website allows for a precise degree of control over the looks, functions and user experience.

A Wordpress CMS offers the ease of updating your own content instead of having to pay a web designer each time, making it simple to add extra functionalities in the future with many plugins available.

google friendly website


We understand that getting noticed on Google is important for driving traffic to your website and we optimize the design of our sites accordingly.

Our attention is focused on specific elements, such as the way pages are linked, relevant keywords, correct use of tags, descriptions and load speed.

responsive web design


Our websites are responsive to make them mobile friendly - they simply contract and expand to fit the size of any screen.

Images resize, but the text is scaled . This ensures an optimal viewing experience, ease of reading and navigation across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to tablets or mobile phones).

Since April 2015 Google penalises sites that are not mobile-friendly in searches that are carried out on mobile devices; making sure your site is optimized is more important than ever.

Let us to check your existing site for mobile-friendliness.

web hosting


We check the domain of your choice is available and register it so that it belongs to you. This also allows the creation of personalised email addresses based on your domain.

We assist in choosing the hosting package the better suits your needs, enough to support the volume of traffic without breaking the bank.